Pencil it in!

Writing this from the staff room in the nursery where B is settling in. He seems to be doing well, despite a setback last week due to a virus, and I feel a wonderful sense of headspace. The ability to concentrate without frantically multitasking and attending to a million needs and wants expressed through shouts and cries is a blessed relief.

Anyway, I feel the need for an update on my post of the other day about making time. I’ve realised that:

1)    I need to decide at the beginning of the day what my 5/10/15 mins of me time will be used for, and, preferably write it down. This means I have the pleasure of anticipation, and the feeling that I’ve made an active choice to switch off. It’s just not the same “discovering” I’ve had a five minute tea break, and I don’t feel the same sense of achievement and reward.

2)    Not all five min activities are the same. The more I think about it, the more important I realise physically relaxing activities are. So much of the day is spent “outside” the self, responding to external stimuli and demands, and coming back to my own body is essential to preserve my health and sanity. Just now, I caught myself with my shoulders hunched, my breath held – in a state of tension for no reason. So, I think it should be possible to concentrate on two five min things – breathing/stretching, mindfulness. And something more externally focused and productive, like working on my project.

Also wondering if I should be drinking more water – I can’t find any authoritative source of information about it. All the research seems to point to any fluid (including tea) being enough to hydrate and energise the system, but I still hear the “drink at least five glasses of water a day” mantra being peddled about, with benefits including clearer skin, more energy, better digestion etc. Does anyone have any positive experience of increasing their water intake? Other than more frequent visits to the loo (which don’t count as “me time”!)

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