You know you’re getting old when…

  • You had a great idea for a pithy, witty, topical blog post just a moment ago…ach, no. Forgotten it already 
  • You look at the Brazilian-waxed 20-somethings in the shower after yoga and think “poor little thing must be freezing down there, I hope she’s got some nice warm big pants to cover up”
  • You ignore jobs that have “just got out of college and will work for peanuts” written all over them…
  • …then half an hour before the deadline apply anyway, because you need a stable income and you *still* don’t have a pension
  • You realise you are technically old enough to have given birth to the surly 18 year-old behind the counter at the co op
  • Hangovers last three days – from two glasses of wine
  • The “watershed” is shorthand for “bed time”.

So this was just a brief list from this week :-(.

Anyone make me feel better by sharing their “senior moments”?

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