Sick of it

Look away now if you don’t fancy reading a rant. I wouldn’t blame you – you’ve probably much better things to do, like some work, or making a snowman.

But if you’re still with me – at what point is it ok to stop being all patient, all caring, all sleeplessly nurturing, and start screaming at your children, “just stop being ill!”. After the two week quarantine-fest that was Christmas and New Year with the pox (both children), we had a day’s respite before the norovirus began. The littlest had it first, then me, then the man. Oldest child seems to have got off scot-free, but I put that down to eating about eight carrots a day (no exaggeration). He’s the colour of Graham Norton but has a lovely immune system.

It’s bad enough that the weather has been so bad. But having to stay away from other kids is particularly hard on us all – the kids miss their friends, I miss getting a cup of coffee, a chat with another adult, and a break in playing “three little pigs”.

I KNOW little kids get ill. It’s a fact of life, and important that they build up their immune systems. etc. But I am over it now. I’ve used up all my brow mopping, disinfecting, co-sleeping, entertaining energies. My winter quota has now been filled, so if anyone in the household gets poorly before March, they will get exceedingly short shrift, a spoon of Calpol and an admonition to buck the f*** up.


I hope you joined me over at Jennifer’s Little World last Tuesday for the first leg of my virtual book tour. I’ll be over at A Mum’s Internal Monologue next Tuesday, Daft Mamma on 29th and Prozac Withdrawal on 5 Feb. I’ve also added another two dates to the tour – 12 Feb will see me guest posting on Talkmum, and on 19th at A Baby on Board. Look forward to seeing you there!

2 thoughts on “Sick of it

  1. Very best of luck with all these tours – an impressive number, and all the more so since arranged and carried out when at a low ebb with so much illness/sickness to contend with. You are magnificent. Mum xxx

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